Vaincre Corona Ensam

Vaincre Corona Ensam

27th March 2020

A Community Response to Covid

Vaincre Corona Ensam is a community-led response to Covid-19 coordinated by Solidarite Marye Pike (SMP) .

We are working with communities and local services to provide the following key functions to support those who are at high-risk or currently self-isolating:

Our volunteers receive briefings if they are coming in contact with vulnerable individuals.

Click the buttons below to sign up as a volunteer, or to receive support from SMP.

GET Support

Get Practical Support

Click on link below to request support for yourself or a person requiring it.


Phone Check-ins

If you want to register yourself or an elderly or person in need for phone check-ins, we will call the person on a regular basis to check if they require anything.

If you are not able to use the online request form, you can request support over the phone, then please ring between 0900 and 2100 Monday-Friday on 4029191.

If you do not have credit on your mobile phone, you can do a miss call us on ‘4029191‘.

You can also contact us by SMS by sending ‘corona‘ on 8685 and we will call you back.

GIVE Support

If you want to help us by providing support please click on link below to register. You can volunteer as a medical professional or if you want to provide support in your local street.

Organisation Collaboration

Vaincre Corona Ensam is coordinated by the SMP, working in collaboration with many local groups, including the local authorities.

Are you an organisation or charity ? How are you approaching coronavirus? Share your plans with us so that we can coordinate better!

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